Now we are 10 Months!

Good Morning Everyone!

So tomorrow Kyra will be 10 months old but I am posting today because I usually take the weekends off from blogging. This weekend will be a good one since it is my Dad's birthday on Sunday!

So here is what Kyra is up to!

New Developments:

Standing on her own- She did this for the first time on March 27th but now has done it several times and for longer periods of time!

Four teeth on top and two on bottom

Crawling under the dining room table and under the chairs, it looks like she is training to avoid lasers or in that movie Entrapment....

New words- Pa Pa, Grandma-ma, Dog, Up, Hi, Bye


String Cheese



Being chased around the house (she gets so excited and tries to crawl faster usually leading to her falling on her belly and laughing hysterically)

Dancing and Music

Her Llama toy, This Giant Bear her daddy got her, and a Cadbury Bunny that clucks like a chicken

Not as fond of:

Naps or bedtime

Her crib

Being told "no" or being picked up when she has gotten into something she should not (aka Dog Food Bowls. I actually watched her climb into the water bowl when I hadn't picked it up yet and sit in the middle of it.....she's a character) 


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