Friday Five 4/25/14

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Friday!

It's time for the Friday Five!

1) I am thinking of doing a Video of my April Favorites. Including Products, Books, and other things that I loved this month. Would you all be interested in a video? Or would you prefer a blog post devoted to it instead? Let me know!

2) I have been challenged to do the Cold Water Challenge. I will be participating as soon as I am over my cold because I don't want to make matters worse and catch pneumonia. Any ideas on how to make my Cold Water Challenge more epic?

3) I am working on a DIY post for next week. Brace yourselves for bad camera work....

4) I changed my Alert tone on my iPod that notifies me of emails. It is called Sherwood Forest and now sounds like the Wild Hunt is charging through my living room at all hours of the day. I find it hilarious.

5)  I'm going to cheat here and leave you with my five favorite Pins of the week. Enjoy and Have a great weekend!

nyxcosmetics "SHOCKING PINK" 
(I need this lipstick. Nyx Shocking Pink) 

♥ I totally need a motivational workout outfit 
(Even I cannot deny how awesome it would be to workout in this gear)

Spring Game of Thrones Nail Art #GOT 
(I love me some Game of Thrones!)

卡通 he@rtbeat 
(Isn't this just beautiful?) 
I laughed a little too much at this... 
(Not ashamed to say, I laughed for an unreasonably long time at this one.  Still laughing actually.)

Big Hugs to all!


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