Friday Favorites

Good Morning Everyone!

It is Friday!

Not only is it Friday but it is a three day weekend! (well for some of us, apologies if you don't get one....)

I'm just gonna jump in with the Friday Favorites!

Mani Pedi's~ I am loving this color, Essie's Bond with Whomever. Yes I have a flip flop tan line and yes my feet are in the air, the picture turned out better that way! Yes it looks very similar to the last color I had on but trust me it is more of a pink toned where the other was a blue toned...nail polish addicts will get it....

Peonies~ from my mom's garden. Smells DIVINE.

 The fact that I found this mascara yesterday. Would you all be interested in a review either via blog or YouTube??

This mug that I desperately need in my life.

This fish tank setup....because I just need it.
Your House Is Missing a Quidditch Aquarium

This accurately describes my pain....
Nerd Girl Problems. The book you really want is never at the library.

My Aunt sent me this, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Pinterest Addict right here!
I woke up to exactly ZERO pins from you this morning. WTH?! I thought we were friends!

This YouTube video. I am a broke b who doesn't go to Starbucks like....ever. So this video speaks to the coffee addict/ penny pincher I am!

*Apparently this didn't post the first time! Hope this fixes things!

This is SO TRUE!
bahahaha so true...

This CD is in my car right now because Kyra really likes it and always falls asleep to it, and as a girl that loved 98 Degrees...well Nick Lachey I still love you!
Modern Family :: 98 Degrees Member Nick Lachey Partners with Fisher-Price to Create a Music CD Titled, "A Father's Lullaby" (2013) Inspired by His Son Camden, Who Graces the Cover Respectively

This makes me smile every time I see it...

Alright then well Kyra is giving me her "sad face" so I've gotta get going. Hope everyone has a great Friday and an Awesome weekend!


  1. that fish tank! i need it. and yes to the review, i always need a new mascara!

  2. Love peonies! I dont see them enough and yay for mani pedis!!

  3. Is hugging a chicken???? Stop so cute!!! Yes I want that mascara review!!! Oh and I need that mug where do we find it?? Thanks so much for linking up!!


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