Loot For Fangirls

I have been so excited about this box from Loot Crate! From the moment that I got the email announcing that this box was going to be a thing I was on pins and needles waiting for it to be released! The day that it went live for purchase I immediately got it and low and behold this past Saturday it arrived! 

So let's check out this Loot! 

The Box itself was so exciting to see. Fun and bright compared to the standard all black of the normal crate. 

1. Borderlands Mad Moxxi Nail wraps via Espionage Cosmetics  I was so excited to see that Espionage Cosmetics was partnering up with Loot Crate for this box! I love their geeky nail wraps and they were my number one table to visit at Planet Comiccon this year. I am so happy to see that geeky makeup products are coming into fashion and Espionage Cosmetics do them right! These wraps are just adorable and fun! 

2. The Walking Dead Charm Wrap Bracelet- Super cute bracelet and not in your face with massive charms. This is simple and just the right amount of subtle geekery. I predict I will wear this very very often. 

3. DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Mini Figure- HOW CUTE IS THIS?!?!?! I love Wonder Woman and I really love the DC Bombshells look. This little mini will be happy placed with all my other geeky items that cover nearly every surface of my house! 

4. Fangirls Coloring Book and Color Pencils by Her Universe Press- I love to color. I have a 3 year old so of course coloring is part of my every day existence. This is a cute little coloring book. Kinda cheesy but hey I don't mind. 

5. Star Trek Uhura Clutch Bag- This is beyond amazing. This was such a surprise to find in the box and I absolutely love it. It is actually a pretty big bag on the inside and very well made. Also the Tribble charms on the side made my day! 

6. Women of Marvel Skater Dress by Her Universe- I knew that there was going to be a dress included in this box but had no idea what it was going to look like. I also wasn't sure how true to size it was going to run either so this was a bit nerve wracking for me. I am so pleased to say that it fit amazingly and was absolutely true to size and it is just plain AWESOME. I love that the dress is mostly black with just the accent of the Women of Marvel. So awesome to have a dress that features just the girls on it! I will be wearing this to a con in the future! Or just out on the town! 

Overall I give the Fangirl Loot Crate a 9.5 out of 10. It was really a fun box but it was on the pricey side marked at $55. I do think that with the inclusion of the dress and clutch however that the price point wasn't too far off it's just on the higher side of my subscription boxes. 

*Note- I purchased this with my own money and as always my opinions are my own. I do however have an affiliate code if you should ever be interested in purchasing your own Loot Crate. It is good for $5 off your first Loot Crate!


  1. I'm kinda getting ecstatic for you over all of these things because I know how much you will enjoy them!


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