Wake Me Up When September Ends.....

 Quick name the band! Bonus points to those that can!

Good Morning Everyone,

Amazingly enough it is September 1st already and I couldn't be happier. 

It's almost fall. 

Fall is the best. 

Don't Worry, I have list of why it is the best. 

Here you go! 

I know some of you are mourning the summer but hey you had your turn! 

What are some of the reasons you love fall?


  1. Green Day! Do I win?!?!?! :) I use snuggly blankets year round. And, I'm pretty sure hoodies & sweatshirts are my favorite articles of clothing.

  2. Green Day.

    Summer has had its turn, and even though the calendar flips later in the month, September will always signify fall to me.

  3. Yay for sweaters and boots! Bring it on!!!

  4. I can get behind everything on this list except boots. I just don't do boots. I think i'm really just too lazy for them.

  5. September 1st always means the beginning of fall to me! I LOVE fall! So excited for all of these things! Except I'm not sure what fall festivals we have around here, if any. I should check!

  6. Halloween is Numero Uno for me. Then the weather, RenFest, cider & donuts.


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