Confessions 9/2

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Confession Time!

I confess....

I didn't watch the VMAs. I did not see the drama and honestly I do not care to know about it. I feel like award shows are pretty much crap anyhow.

I am currently OVERWHELMED by books. Like I picked up five at the library last week that looked good and then about a million of my holds became available. This is like the bests problem to have.

With my car acting up (we think it is the thermostat?), bills, terrible twos.....Life has got me just like....ugh.
I spent most of Monday evening working on replying to the mass of emails in my inbox. It felt SO GOOD to have an empty inbox again!

Ren Fest starts this weekend and I. AM. SO. EXICTED.  

That's it for me this week! Be sure to link up and share your confessions!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. I put on about 10 minutes of the VMAs (of that, 5 of those wasted minutes was Kanye's "speech"). I decided it was a sure sign that I'm getting old.

    Your second confession....that's me too! I have 3 books on hold at the library, I just bought 3 at a secondhand bookstore today, and I have 3 at home that I need to read for a book challenge. Hooray for books!

  2. When I saw Miley Cyrus was hosting, I could care less - didn't even watch one minute of the VMAs

  3. i didn't watch the VMAs either. I never have, lol. No shame!

  4. I don't think I even know what the VMA's are. All I know is Miley wore the worst thing ever and that's all I took away from the social posts about it the next day.

  5. My library is giving me no love. I've been waiting for a few books forever, actually reading some e-books now which I never do.

    I also didn't watch the VMAs. I usually like to comment on the spectacle but I can't deal with Miley Cyrus.

  6. I used to loooove awards shows. Now, I'm with you... they're crap. I like looking at what people wore afterwards, but, I don't want to sit through it "live."
    There are very few things that feel better than an empty inbox!

  7. I don't keep emails, everything gets deleted unless it's an item that needs action. When I see/hear people who have 1k+ emails in their inbox I shiver. I just can't. Noooppeeee, delete that shit, mark that spam, and unsubscribe from those emails that you don't want but never delete!

    Yayyyyyyy rennnnn faaaaaiiiiiiirrreeeeeee.... Almost a month for our trip. I can't wait.


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