Confessions 9/16

Good Morning Everyone, 

So first off I apologize for not answering comments promptly and not posting. My husband's grandmother passed last Monday and things have been a little hectic. I am sorry to say that while I will be responding to comments as soon as possible, I did mark all the post from last week as read. I wanted to catch up but there was just too many and it was stressing me out. 

There now that that is done, it's time for Confession! 

I confess that it has been probably about a month since I was at Target. Yesterday my brother said he wanted to get out and about and asked if I wanted to go. Can I just say that I jumped up and down with excitement? Oh Target I missed you! There were SO MANY cute things. I restrained myself and only got a little Halloween cup for Kyra and a game for Bobby. Still it was like Christmas just getting to go and look at all the things! 

I confess that while I am really excited about having a garage sale this weekend I always forget the amount of work that has to go into I am working on clearing out the garage so that I can actually find the things I want to sell....there is so much stuff....I just want to lie down and forget the whole thing....

I confess that my brother got me addicted to yet another game. I am now hooked on Dragon City. However I will never be one of those people that sends Facebook game invites. I cannot stand those people...though admittedly I did get Bobby to join up....

I confess that when I saw flare jeans at Express I got really excited. Are flares back? Is everyone done wearing skinny jeans that are basically just uncomfortable leggings? Give me my flares! 

I confess that I have toyed with the idea of starting a Vlog channel where I would upload daily vlogs of life and things and stuff....would you all watch something like that? Or is that kind of a stupid thing now that everyone uses Instagram to blog and SnapChat for vlogging? What do you all think? 

Happy Humpday Everyone, Be sure to join the linkup! Also tomorrow I have a HILARIOUS Throwback Thursday for you! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. I don't watch any vlogs. Then again, I have had posts the last two weeks about being old and out of touch and being a lame you probably don't need to invest too much in my opinion on this matter.

  2. I don't watch vlogs, they seem super awkward to me, even the "pro" ones. Just go with snapchat! I love me some snapchat stories which are basically like a mini daily vlog right? Sorry to hear about your husbands grandmother. Hope everything is settling down. Also, so impressed with you having a garage sale, the thought alone gives me anxiety. good luck!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Hope everyone is doing okay. :/
    I've been seeing flares a lot lately!

  4. FUCK YES BOOTCUT/FLARE/BELLBOTTOM PANTS!!! I actually bought a new pair of jeans while I was on vacation and I tried on the skinny version. NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE. THEN, my distaste for skinny jeans was validated when Teh German couldn't easily get out of his skinny jeans one night (when time was of the essence).. I'm all waiting like, if you didn't wear skinny jeans this wouldn't be a problem.


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