Confessions 9/23

Good Morning Everyone,

The day of Confession has arrived yet again!

Let's get to it:

I confess that I was ridiculously excited to get out of the house and pick this up yesterday. I love these movies. Sure they are cheesy and silly but that is just part of the fun! I will probably be watching this one on repeat for the next few weeks! 

I confess that I am also SO EXCITED about this weekend. We are going to RenFest and I AM PUMPED. I can't wait to go and walk around, take pictures, eat yummy food (scotch eggs I'm lookin' at you!) and just enjoy the whimsical fun. Seriously I would go every single weekend if I could!

I confess that while I don't like PSLs I am a lover of pumpkin spice coffee. Specifically the Green Mountain version. Last year my Father in law got me a big box of them and I made them last for months. They taste so perfect without being sickeningly sweet like the PSL.*shots fired*

I confess that I desperately want to paint my nails a deep color for fall but they are so messed up that I just have no hope of making them look good....Some are long and some are short...some are just frayed and peeling. (From washing dishes by hand without gloves because the dishwasher is broken and my gloves got a hole.) I just want some Black Cherry Chutney in my life! 

I confess I am still a bit bummed about the garage sale....I mean the clothes were only a dollar and most of them still had tags on them because she just grew so quickly! Apparently everyone is having boys right now though. Still with the amount of work that went into the garage cleaning I was hoping to at least break $100. Oh well, what can you do? 

That's it for me this week, short and sweet! Happy Humpday Everyone! Be sure to linkup!
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  1. I always tell my husband its not worth having a garage sale with all the work that goes in it. its a LOT!

    I'm not a fan of PSL myself - but love pumpkin in chai teas ... mmmm.....

  2. I so want to get Pitch Perfect 2! I have not seen it but feel I would love it since I love the first! I admit I am not much for pumpkin flavors either!

  3. I can't wait to buy PP2! I heard Walmart has the combo blu-ray/soundtrack available. *squeals* Basically I'm obsessed with Pitch Perfect so I need to get my butt over there and buy it. I will also need to find this special pumpkin spice coffee of yours... mmmmm.

  4. You should try a gel manicure. I swear it's impossible for anyone's nails to look bad with one!!! And it lasts!

  5. I confess: I've never seen Pitch Perfect. I feel sad about this life choice. One day.
    YAY Renn Faire!!


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