Thursday Words of Wisdom: Uncle Iroh Edition

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's time for another Edition of Words of Wisdom!

Now if you aren't familiar with Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon General (Uncle) Iroh is a member of the Fire Nation. Now in show the Fire Nation are the "bad guys" but Iroh is actually a very wise and caring person. He tries to guide his nephew Zuko toward being a better person and embracing who he really is, even though it is at odds with Zuko's father the Fire Lord. 

I realize that while the show may not be for everyone, the wisdom that Iroh gives out is not to be missed, so I'm going to share that with you today! 

Iroh the wise.  Weekly inspiration for a successful personal and professional life!

10 Quotes to Turn Around a Terrible Day

In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself.  That is the meaning of inner strength.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Uncle Iroh: Life happens...:

Hope you found some inspiration, motivation, or just enjoyed these little tidbits! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. I really like this post because you are using something that you are a big fan of that not everyone else is familiar with...yet the lessons are things that are helpful to all of us.


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