Confessions- The One with the broken controller

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today is Confession Day! 

I confess that when our Playstation 3 remote stopped working it caused a bit of a panic in our house. We stream everything through the PS3 because we don't have cable. It also works as our DVD/Blu Ray Player. So basically without the controller we were left without TV. Now this wouldn't have been a problem normally but all of Kyra's movies are on DVD or Blu Ray. Ever had to explain to a 2 year old that she can't watch her Disney movie because the controller is broken? No? Let me just tell you....they don't get it. 

I confess that I tried very hard not to be frustrated and annoyed when Robert came back with the wrong cable to fix the controller. He didn't check the package and got one for the PS4 instead....

I confess that I just laughed hysterically when he came back with the right cable only to find out that it was the controller that was bad and not the cable. 

I confess that I called in reinforcements yesterday and begged my parents for a DVD player...didn't have to be Blu ray or anything fancy. Just ANYTHING. They of course came through. 

I confess I have never been so relieved to hear Totoro's theme music come on my TV. My little lady was so happy to have her movies back. 

I confess that I realize that some will probably pass judgement on the fact I let my two year old watch TV when she wants. But I don't care. She has playtime, coloring/creative time, and reading time. She can watch movies if she wants! 

That's the confession for this week! Happy Humpday Everyone!

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  1. If our Xbox One went down at my house it would be pandemonium. And I don't even have kids. Hopefully everything was resolved!

  2. I watched disney movies whenever I wanted as a kid + I turned out just fine! I think you're doing a great job! also, when we can't find the tv remote -- we don't watch tv -- so I know the panic!


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