Tuesday Tunes: Workout Playlist

Good Morning Everyone, 

I try to get in my 10,000+ steps every single day. My Vivofit helps keep me on track but unfortunately in order to get those steps I actually have to...you know...walk. Now usually when working out I can  pop on an episode of Friends or watch a couple YouTube videos. Sometimes however it takes a bit more to get me going and get the job done. 

Today I am going to share with you my current Workout Playlist! It's guaranteed to get you moving! (Be Warned most of these are safe for work! Headphones STRONGLY recommended!)

1. Turn Down For What @ LilJon

2. Wiggle @ Jason Derulo

3. Fireball @ Pitbull

4. Bang Bang @ JessieJ

5. I Look Good @ D3ChalieBoy

6. Thrift Shop @ Mackelmore

7. Drop that Kitty @ Tydollasign

8. Anaconda @ Nicki Minaj

9. Slow Down @ Selena Gomez

10. Work Bitch @ Britney Spears 

Hope you all enjoyed! What is on your workout playlist?


  1. JJ Watt is a football player for the Houston Texans that is quite beloved. They've turned that Turn Down for What into Turn Down for Watt. Pretty clever.

    And, I'm a closet Britney fan. Can't help it.

  2. I've actually be audiobooking for my workouts. It means that I'm not changing pace with the tempo changes of the songs, which really helps me be consistent. That said, I need to go download another book in case I finish my current book during my runs this week!


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