Good Morning Everyone,

Vodka and Soda

Happy Confession Day! 

 ...I confess that I SUCK at SnapChat. For one I can't seem to figure out how to work it properly and for two I constantly look as socially unacceptable as possible while I am home with Kyra. Seriously I make an effort if I know someone is going to see me but the rest of the time? Hah...no. 
 ...I confess that I can sometimes be a lazy commenter. As in I use my Type to Text option on my phone to comment and sometimes I don't even bother to go in and fix auto correct mistakes. Sometimes they are just too funny to fix and other times it just isn't worth redoing the whole thing.

...I confess that I get a little #rageface about my internet when it starts acting like an idiot. I mean I seriously start to lose it sometimes. I need my internet people!!!! 

...I confess I am slightly overwhelmed by the amount of hashtags this October...#Blogtober #Pintober #Inktober....seriously what is going on???

...I confess that because of #Pintober I really want to do arts and crafts. 
...I confess that I usually give up on arts and crafts after seeing what my brothers and my parents come up with...#Ihavenotalent

....I confess to binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix because I have never seen it before. Seriously before last Friday I had never seen even one episode. 
....I confess that I was a little annoyed at how my Twitter feed filled up with the October 3rd Mean Girls quote. Honestly I get a little annoyed at the Mean Girls quotes in general. People say it is the "Most Quotable" movie ever....ummm....NO. EVERY movie is the most quotable ever if you believe in yourself.  

That's it for me today, check back in tomorrow for more #Blogtober14, it has been a lot of fun so far but....I confess....it was really nice to take a break today! 

Have a Happy Humpday Everyone!


  1. I'm so glad that you've been introduced to Gilmore Girls! :) It's one of my all time favorite shows. How are you enjoying it so far?

  2. i've heard so much about gilmore girls....is it really worth it?

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  3. The Mean Girls Oct 3rd quote crap makes me twitchy. The most celebrated parts of that movie are girls being mean - come on grow up.

  4. So many people are freaking out about Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I've seen a few episodes and might, might marathon it for a day to see if it's worth the commitment to watch all of it.



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