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  Good Morning Everyone, 

So today for Blogtober I am supposed to write about me, well since that is already the prompt I thought I would also incorporate these lovely awards I got last week! I was awarded the One Lovely Blog award from both Carly at Musings of a Wanderer and Chelsea from Cats and Cappuccino!

I can't tell you how excited I was to be nominated twice! Since I was nominated twice and since it is the About Me post I will do 14 items about myself instead of just 7!

Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you
Share 7 things about yourself (in my case 14!)
Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know

14 Facts About Me

1) My birthday is Christmas Eve and this year I will be 30! 

(LOL j/k I don't care about being 30! It is what it is!)
2) I LOVE Scary movies. However I will have to watch a Disney movie afterward if it is late at night! 

3) I am 1/4 Hawaiian. 
(This is obviously NOT ME.)

4) I have over 75 notebooks full of stories I have written since I was 11. Writing is my life! 

5)Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my FAVORITE show when I was in Jr. high and HS. I own all the seasons now. 

6) I wear flip flops pretty much all year round. 

7) My house is always less than 68 degrees. I don't do "heat".

8) I spontaneously break out into song and dance. Like I am in a musical.

9) I am the oldest of three children. 

10) I am a dog person. Seriously...I have four. 

11) Sweet tea is my drink of choice other than water. Soda just doesn't do it for me. (Coffee is my life blood and therefore not a drink)

12) I climbed to the top of a castle tower in England. 

13) My favorite candy bar is Whatchamacallit. 

14) When I was six I was a Bat for Halloween. My mom made the costume and it ROCKED. I was an awesome kid. 

So there are some VERY random facts about me and since I am not sure just who all has received this award I am just going to nominate EVERYONE to do it if you wanna!

Have a great day everyone! See you tomorrow...it's HALLOWEEN!!



  1. Coffee is my life blood too! Other than water I also drink unsweetened tea as well as Pellegrino with a splash of cran grape juice for a refresher. Soda once in a great while.

    I have all of my writing notebooks too - I think I have them from about age 15? And I keep adding to them at 37.

    I want a fourth dog.


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