#Blogtober14~ I Gotta Secret

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Saturday but we are continuing on with our Blogtober goodness and today we are going to talk about a Secret.

Specifically a Secret about me.

So here is my Secret. 

I'm a Goo Hoarder. 

Urban Dictionary Def. ~
When girls hoard large amounts of shampoos, nail polishes, lip-glosses, and general goo-esq. makeups. (Founded by Jenna Marbles' on screen boyfriend Max in the "What I dont understand about girls" episode. )
I admit it. I keep HUGE amounts of Goo stuff. I have at least 12 lip products on my vanity right now.  Those are just the ones in use...and not counting the ones I have in my purse currently. 

I have over 200 nail polishes. 
(This isn't even half and I took this photo like 5 months ago....there have been lots of polish purchases since then.)

There are no less than 4 bottles of shampoo in my shower, 3 conditioners, 3 body washes, and two things of shaving lotion. 

I also have two more bottles of shampoo and conditioner under my sink. 

Oh yeah and I still have most of the mini shampoos and conditioners from my honeymoon...2 years ago...in my travel bag....you know....just in case. 

I always seem to have a huge amount of product around....I keep acquiring more I suppose and the supply never seems to deplete! 

So there you have it! My dirty little secret! 

If you wanna watch the super hilarious video of Jenna Here it is!!! 

Is it bad that there are still so many nail polishes that I want??? Crazy!!!


  1. wow! i think i might have like 5 nail polishes total! Great secret!

  2. Ok, so I hoard nail polish and lip products. Whoops.


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