#Blogtober~ Favorite Photo Posted on Instagram

Good Morning Lovelies, 

It's a Saturday post! *Gasp* Okay so really this is just a post going up on Saturday because yeah I legit wrote this a few days ago and just scheduled it. Whatever. #sorrynotsorry

I am continuing on with my #Blogtober fun and today's prompt if you haven't guessed by the title is Favorite photo on Instagram (one you posted yourself) 

First off I am still a newbie at the whole Instagram thing. For one I didn't have a phone capable of such a thing until last June and for another I just SUCK at taking photos/remembering to take them. 

However I did find a photo that I loved. It is of course of Kyra because I am a proud mama. #stillnotsorry

Seriously?!?! How cute is that face? I must remember these days when she is a dramatic teenager just like her mama was...I must remember that there were days when she just wanted kisses goodnight. 

Oh the cute....my heart hurts.


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