Good Morning Everyone,

It's Sunday....do people read blogs on Sundays?

Today I'm going to share my list of #Nope....in other words the things I just don't care about. (Much Like Steph's Grumpy Cat!)

1) 50 Shades- It's fine if you are into it, I will never make someone feel bad for reading what they enjoy reading. However I'm not going to see the movie. I will never read the books. #Nope.

2) Totes, Adorbs, Bae- I can't stand these words, I'm sorry but I am judging you for using them if you use them in every day conversation. #Nope

3) The over abundance of Super Hero TV shows. Sorry but I cannot stand The Flash, The Arrow....etc. I want to like them but I just don't. 

4) These cars....aka rolling death traps. #Nope

5) Maroon 5.....Sorry but no. Their songs are so screechy and loud. I turn the station immediately if I hear one of their songs come on. I just... #Nope.

What are your #Nope things? I wanna know! 

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. hahahahah I totes use the words totes and "adorbs" (don't hate me now, I shorten a lot of words)... Ill never use Bae though #nope. I am not sold on 50 shades the movie but read the book. You're not missing out on much its ok. I like Adam Levine but I can see how his voice can annoy people and the music really is monotonous. Those cars ... and super hero tv shows #nope.

    So we agree on most hehe and see people do comment on Sundays. Apparently I leave really long comments on sundays lol Have a good one Kimmi!

  2. I can only handle some Maroon 5, but the majority? NOPE.
    The best 50 Shades anything I've experienced was The Snark Squad's chapter by chapter reviews: http://www.snarksquad.com/category/books-2/fifty-shades
    I don't use totes and adorbs (unless I'm purposely being obnoxius) buttttt I often say BRB, AFK, etc in face-to-face conversations. I get the BEST reactions.
    My biggest NOPE? Cutting fingernails at work. If someone actually cut their toenails at work, I'd call a bitch out because NO.

  3. I think I'm just one big #nope in your world because I actually like most of these things. However, I'm totally with you on 50 shade and those dopey little cars. Just why? They don't even make sense. I may or may not have watched the Avengers last night and had Maroon 5 on in the car this morning...whoops haha.

  4. God bless you. Someone else who loathes Maroon 5. Also, yeah just noooo to 50 Shades. That looks ughhhh lame.

  5. I am also not a fan of those cars.

    And NO to totes, adorbs, bae, hubs. NO NO NO


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