My Top 5 Cosplay Costumes

Good Morning Everyone, 

So Planet Comic Con is held here in Kansas City every year. I've been going the past two years and this year will be no different. I am SO excited to go because I love all things Nerdy and because one of my best friends is coming up to go with us this year!!! 

Out of all the Nerdy things however the thing I truly love most is COSPLAY. 

For those that might not know Cosplay is basically dressing up like a character from a book, movie, comic, etc. 

I think of it as an art form. A lot of work goes into these costumes and some people spend MONTHS trying to recreate exactly their favorite character's look. I've wanted to Cosplay ever since I first heard about what it was about five years ago but I haven't done one yet. There are many reasons why two of them being 1) I can't sew and 2) I'm not exactly....slim. 

But if I got the chance I do have Cosplay's that I would love to do. 

1) Lulu from Final Fantasy X-
lulu | Lulu - The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy information than ...
This costume is just brilliant but as you can imagine by looking at it....a pretty difficult one to put together! Still when it is done right it is a really striking and amazing looking Cosplay! 
Final Fantasy cosplay! taking a bit of the asian and steampunk fashion away from this
Actual Cosplay (Source)

2) Psylock from X-Men-

The Cherry Blossom Art by: Mark Brooks  As beautiful as a Cherry Blossom but as deadly as an assassin
Would totally LOVE to do this one as she is my favorite character but pretty sure my brothers and my father wouldn't appreciate the um....skimpy-ness. (BTW Yaya Han is one of the most amazing Cosplayers out there. I pretty much love every character she does!  ( Source)

3) Avatar the Last Airbender Group Cosplay-

Oh how I love this group! Cant wait till all my cosplay friends are ready to get started sewing for this!!!
I would be playing Katara (second from the left) I love her costume and totally relate to her character (Source)
4) Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail-
I would love to do a fully armored character and Erza is pretty awesome! Source

5)Ahri from League of Legends- 
I love the look of this one with all her nine tails! It would be really fun to figure out just how to work all those tails into the costume and I love the look of the kimono-esqu style dress in this one!

So there you have it! My top 5 Cosplays that I would totally rock if I could! This was a tough list as I have a LOT of favorite cosplays and honestly if given the chance I would cosplay just about anything! 

Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. My ex boyfriend was into all these things not costumes but I mean he played WOW and LOL and final fantasy etc... Which are you going with?

  2. My Top 5 Cosplay Costumes. Good Morning Everyone, So Planet Comic Con is held here in Kansas City every year. I've been going the past ...


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