Domestic Goddess: Level Noob

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome to the Weekend!!!! 

I am continuing on with my 28 posts in 28 days madness today to bring you a post about my vacuum. 

Yes I am writing a post about my vacuum. 

If you have been here a bit you will know that I am trying to get better at being a better housekeeper/hausfrau/domestic goddess. I am starting at the basic level here to be sure. 

Well I got things rolling with starting a cleaning schedule. I love my cleaning schedule. Seriously one of the best decisions ever. 

There was one issue with it however. The issue was my vacuum. Now I don't mind vacuuming. It isn't my favorite chore to be sure but it doesn't bother me. However my vacuum had developed a nasty habit of shocking me every time I used it. Not just static shock, but actual swearing and jumping up and down kind of shock. It was time for a new one. 

Now I had read Steph's post about her love of her vacuum. I was intrigued and if you know anything about me I LOVE a good product review. The vacuum is the Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe and it is a pretty pricey item as far as vacuums go, however I really wanted something that would last.So after some serious deliberation I bought the amazing vacuum.


I'm not kidding. This vacuum is so amazing. It is lightweight, it is easy to use, it works for going up and down the stairs....I am in love with it. I have vacuumed multiple times in one day...I have vacuumed multiple surfaces in one day. That is love. 

Now you may think this is silly but I am about to share a picture with you that will change your mind. You see I vacuumed once a day every day even before I got the new vacuum. I thought my floors were clean. Now those that are easily disgusted please scroll past this picture. 

I almost didn't share this with you it was so gross...but I wanted you to see first hand how well this thing works.

I am equal parts horrified and impressed by this picture. Leaning more toward horrified. This was the first run around the living room. SO GROSS. 

I am happy to report that now after multiple runs across the floor the intake can has never been this gross again. My floors are visibly cleaner (dog hair is now at a minimum.) and they actually feel softer and fluffier. I am so impressed and happy with this vacuum. Honestly it was probably the smartest home tool purchase I have done in a LONG time. 

I think I have just leveled up from Basic to Noob. High Fives all around. 

Vacuuming has become so popular around here that even Kyra is getting in on the action. 

Happy Weekend Everyone.


  1. How cute is Kyra on her vacuum! Loves it!

  2. DUDE! My freakin' shark vacuum is the love of my inner domestic house-wife's life. Seriously. My ex had talked me into this crappy bag-using-Hoover and I freakin' hated it every.single.time I looked at it. I finally upgraded to the Shark after deciding a Dyson was just too expensive for me. I have this exact version in the gold color (because blue wasn't available when I bought it). I really wanted the red/white one but I couldn't justify spending $75 extra dollars for a front light and my favorite colors. I rinse my foam filter off when I empty the canister (almost every single use). I also have a spare set of filters. Even vacuuming my car I get a full container. This vacuum ROCKS!

  3. I'm so glad you love it. I seriously don't mind vacuuming now.

    I echo the above, I rinse my filter often. It keeps it rockin'. Especially with the grody dogs.


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