Guilty Pleasures

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today I am using a vlogging prompt from Kat! (She has THE BEST prompts!) I am not going to vlog my answers however as I prefer blogging to vlogging. 

Today I am sharing my....

What is your guilty pleasure…

1. TV Show- Amazing Race. It is one of the VERY few reality shows that I watch and the only one not cooking related!

2. Book- Well mine are a group of books- YA Fiction. I love the mix of teen angst and happy endings.

3. Song- Take it off by Ke$ha. I probably listened to this 11 billion times when it came out on the radio.

 4. Band-  My brothers can tell you I listened to this CD all throughout my senior year of high school and they HATED it. 

Simon and Milo

5. Purchases- Makeup...particularly high end makeup...Looking at you NARS! 

6. Activity- Reading, Writing, Pinterest, Netflix

7. Habit- Hoarding Nail Polish....I gotta collect them all! (like Pokemon)

8. Movie- Baby Boom

9. Game on your phone- Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

10. Website- Tumblr- I will stay up until 2am on this site and I find the most hilarious threads to follow...after I finish hanging out on Pinterest of course.

So what are you Guilty Pleasures? Got any others you wanna add to the list?? 

Happy Thursday Everyone! 


  1. Oh girl I hoard nail polish too. Its a problem!

  2. I love hoarding nail polish. I feel like it's a great joy in my life and I'm not ashamed. LOL

  3. FUCK YEAH KE$HA. She got me through soooo many 12 hour shifts when I was stationed in Bahrain. We'd hit a wall and all be lethargic and just want to go home and quit (not an option) so I'd turn on Boot and Boys or Tik Tok and blast it and we'd have a dance party and be energized again. Even the guys would get in on it. Our leadership thought we were crazy until I explained the morale boost the entire shop had just gotten. Sometimes, you just gotta be silly and move to restart that engine.


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