Confessions of an 80s/90s Kid

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you the confessions of my childhood. Basically I was the most awesome totally rad kid ever. This post is brought on by a treasure I found at Target last week....

I confess....

I totally helped support that Lisa Frank franchise....ALL OF THE THINGS were Lisa Frank....

I owned the lesser know but still popular Nano pet as opposed to the Tamogotchi....

I remember when McDonald's gave away awesome toys.....and birthday parties there were the height of sophistication....

I owned and still own these items....whole collections of them in fact....
I own over 800 of these actually....

I own so many of these....boxes of them.

I did in fact have blow up furniture....this blue chair actually.

This was my first perfume...and I still love the smell actually.

And finally....I beat Mario Bros on the original Nintendo....on a day that I played hooky from school with my Dad....He beat it as well...and also the very difficult Little Mermaid game. It was one of the Best. Days. Ever.


I hope you enjoyed this flashback into my sure to join the linkup! 

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  1. I still own Love's Baby Soft. Every once in a while in the spring or summer I like to put it on. I'm 37. No shame. LOL It was my first perfume too.

    I adored my little pony.

  2. I had Lisa Frank frickin everything... And I had a nano baby and a turtle and a puppy... aka way too many! I had no clue they still exist.

  3. Yes to Lisa Frank!! I secretly still love it and want all things brightly obnoxious colors and animals #noshame

  4. I was obsessed with Lisa Frank too - I still have some of the folders. And I had like a million Poly Pockets!

  5. Dude, Lisa Frank was my faaaavvvvvveeeeeeeeeee. Sooo many Lisa Frank folders. I ended up with a Tomagochi AND a Nano pet. I have NO idea where those suckers are but I kinda wish I could find them. I totally have keys now and I could put them on my keychain! Hello, retro is cool, right?
    And Polly Pockets were the shiznit. They aren't even as cool anymore. I paid $30 for the mansion with my birthday money it was EPIC.
    Finally, I heard these two navy babies in the commissary on Saturday looking for the French Toast Crunch. They were disappointed the commissary didn't carry it. Then I saw this and understood why it was so important. Thank you internet for making me smarter. One blog at a time! :D

  6. Holy shit. I remember that perfume!!


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