Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Drinking Confessions

Good Morning Everyone,

Given that yesterday was Fat Tuesday and we have Carnival and Mardi Gras going on I thought this would be an appropriate time for these confessions. 

I confess my first "real" drink was when I was 16 at New Years. I was with my parents and the drink was Asti. I got sick not long after. #notsmooth

I confess my favorite drinks are usually mixed ones. I'm a big fan of Margaritas and Bloody Mary's. 

I confess that I have only been hungover a couple of times. However it is because of those times I'm not a drinker. Seriously this is me....

I confess I play beer pong with hard alcohol. Usually Rum or Vodka. I have no taste for beer.

I confess that I am a very giggly and happy drunk girl. I tend to hug everyone and be very silly. I will also sing....A LOT.

I confess that my favorite drinking story involves two of my best friends and a fridge full of jello-shots.

I confess that the confession above will be discussed at a later date and that was a teaser confession. #sorrynotsorry

Happy Confession Day Everyone! Don't Forget to Linkup!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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  1. I barely get drunk anymore or even have more than two drinks. Booze is not kind to me at this age.

  2. Jello shots are always the best starts to stories. I should probably do a post like this - although mine would be much, MUCH more embarrassing.

  3. I like hardcore male drinks like scotch and hennessy haha. The drinking age here is 18 so we dont have much of an issue with underage drinking because we can drink as soon we become adults. I did take a few sips or maybe a beer before 18 though... and hated it (I still hate beer).


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