Sephora Haul

Good Morning Everyone, 

The other day I post about my little "freedom" trip to Sephora and today I am going to show you just what I got! 

It's Time for A HAUL!!! 

1) Sephora Favorites- Lashes Unlimited: I am always on the hunt for the Holy Grail Mascara...the problem is ....high end mascara is really expensive. That is why this little kit is amazing! It has all the high end mascaras I have been wanting to try in deluxe sample sizes! 

2) Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head: I have needed a new brush head for my Mia forever and I finally bit the bullet and got a new one. Awesome decision as I had forgotten how great a new brush feels! 

3) Sample of New NARS All Day Luminous Foundation: The lovely sales girl Hannah got me this sample because I tried a bit on my hand and fell in love. So light weight! It is definitely for a more natural look and honestly I wish I didn't love it because the full size is PRICEY, but honestly...can NARS do no wrong? 

4) Dr. Jart Water-Mask Sleeping Mask: I told Hannah that this winter has not been kind and I needed something to help boost my skin's hydration. She suggested this. It is a bit pricey and she also got me a sample to try before opening the big bottle. I've used the sample a couple times but I am holding on to my full review until later! 

5) NARS Duo in Kauai: I actually watched one of my favorite YouTube Beauty girls use this in a tutorial and I have been coveting it ever since! The colors are so pretty and honestly the pigmentation on them is amazing! I'm in love with them, can't wait to use them for a date night look!
Yes my Phone Photo bombed.

Totoro Bomb!


This is one swipe! So much PIGMENT.

That's it for me today! Did you enjoy the Haul Post? Would you like to see more? Let me know in the comments! Also if you have gone to Sephora, Ulta, Target, anywhere and got makeup tell me! I LOVE to see what everyone is buying! 

Happy Thursday Everyone and be sure to check back here tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!!!


  1. The Nars duo looks spectacular! I'm a big fan of purple eyeshadow.

    Unfortunately, the make-up prices in Australia are ridiculous, so my hauls aren't like this anymore. Actually, that gives me an idea for a blog post. I can show you girls some price shockers with cosmetic shopping...... hmmmmm...something to think about.

  2. That eye shadow is beautiful.

    I like Sephora because if you open something and use it and don't like it, you can return it.

  3. You scored some great stuff. Love the eyeshadow!


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