Weekend Fun

Good Morning Everyone,

This past weekend was very busy and I actually did remember to take some pictures!

Friday- Kyra and I went over to my parents to check out the new flooring they had installed. I of course don't have a picture of it but trust me it looks awesome! Then while Kyra was playing I sneaked out and ran some errands. Also because I was baby free and husband free I slipped over to Sephora to use up some gift cards that I had gotten for Christmas!

I will be doing a Haul Post this week!

It was so much fun to get to swatch and run around the store by myself. A little mom's day out! Afterward it was back to parents to hang around some more and then head home for the evening.

Saturday- The morning started off with some cleaning because my in-laws were coming up for dinner. While I was finishing up the cleaning and getting Kyra ready my husband ran to the store to pick up some things. Apparently tortilla chips were on sale....

The dinner was great and everyone had a good time. Kyra was adorable with everyone which made it even better!

After dinner it was time for Saturday Night Game Night! We played SmallWorld and it was a lot of fun! I totally won because I am awesome.

Sunday- We decided to get out of the house and head down to the city. We took Bobby's new car that we got last Saturday! I don't have a full picture of it yet because the weather here has been crazy and Sunday was like the first nice day in awhile but his car needed a wash and he didn't want me to post a dirty picture of it on the blog!

We were headed down because I wanted to stop by the new Ikea store that had opened up and look at some possibilities for a new vanity set up. However I was not impressed with anything there and we left after successfully navigating through the maze of the top floor. I didn't take any pictures at all there...it was just so crowded and everything kind of felt cheap to me? I dunno maybe I am just really picky!

We also went to the Cheesecake Factory as an early Valentine's. We knew that next weekend will be madness and also we wanted Kyra to come along and have fun too!

After our trip to the city we decided to head back toward home. However I wanted to stop at Marshall's just to look around and also they have an awesome playground area for Kyra to play in!

After all the running around it was time to head to my parents' house for Sunday Dinner and to watch the return of The Walking Dead! I won't say any spoilers but ....so many feels!

So that was our Weekend! What were you all up to? Ready for this week??

Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. Marshalls with a play area? Hot damn.

    MFD got a new car last week. I haven't even been in it yet.

  2. Kyra is too cute! And that is a LOT of chips!! hehe

  3. The Walking Dead.
    SO many tears were shed....
    Quite possibly one of the best episodes I've seen in years. And saddest.

  4. Kyra is so cute! That cheese cake looks SO GOOD.

  5. I love the cheesecake factory! Just after the wedding so I can fit into my dress ;-) Can't wait to hear about your sephora haul!


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