Confessions 2/11

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's Time to Confess! 

I confess....

Going to the Eye Doctor always stresses me out a bit. I always feel like it is some sort of test I'm not prepared for. Number 1 or 2, 3 or 4....etc. I always panic a little inside I saying the right thing? Can I actually see? Is number 3 better?! So much pressure!
My eyes are fine btw...and new contacts on the way!

Yesterday was one of those really busy/crazy days. I dropped Luna off to be fixed, had an eye appointment and then Kyra got sick.She's much better now but during the whole process I was trying to sound cheerful and make her feel better even though I was worried.

I feel like the worst person ever having dropped Luna off and now she is so sore. However in the long run it is for the best....but I still feel horrible about it. 

I got another book from the library last night and stayed up WAY too late reading. I'm about halfway done now but that is only because I had to order myself to close the iPad down and go to bed! 

I now also have a HUGE list for the library thanks to the book linkup yesterday! 

I also confess I haven't gotten back to most of the comments or actually gotten around to commenting yet...yesterday was so crazy....but I will get to them! 

That's it for me this morning. Happy Wednesday Everyone! Don't forget to Linkup! 

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  1. Going to the eye doctor always gives me high anxiety. Primarily because of that dumb glaucoma test where they shoot a puff of air in your eye. HATE IT.

  2. I stayed up late last night to finish The Girl You Left Behind.. WORTH IT. I needed some closure, it was keeping me up at night. I'm afraid to see my Feedly if more book reviews were posted. Teh Kindle is already overwhelmed and I've only had it for 2 weeks!

  3. I need to make an eye doctor appointment, I have never been! I hope it isn't too scary. Bummed a missed a book link up yesterday, I will have to check it out!

  4. I have so much to read!!! Love it though. I am delayed on replying to comments from yesterday. Ill get on it tonight at some point.


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