Random Happy Things

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's Sunday which, for me, always feels like the oddest day to blog. For some reason I always run out of ideas when it comes to Sunday posts....and yes I did write out a schedule but for some reason I just never feel like writing the post I have scheduled. Today is no different. Today feels like a day for lists. 

Lists make me happy. So let's talk about random things that make me happy.


1) I love my morning cup of coffee. That first sip is like heaven. 

2) Clean vacuumed lines in the carpet. 

3) Knee high socks and socks with fun designs.  Check THIS site for cool ones!

4) Having a giant "To Read" stack of books on my nightstand. 

5) Hot tea on rainy afternoons.

6) Hot Cocoa on Snowy Nights.

7) The smell of snow and cold on the air. It's so crisp and clean. 

8) The quiet reverence of libraries. 

9) Color coded anything. Especially push pins in pincushions. 

10) All things Kawaii and TokiDoki...seriously SO CUTE.

So what are some random things that make you all happy? Let me know. 

Happy Sunday Everyone.


  1. Morning coffee and books! Just yes. Love your list.


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