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Good Morning Everyone,

Recently I did a post on the Man Crate that my husband got (check out that post/review here!) and then a few weeks later I was contacted by a rep from Man Crates to do another post on what I would put in a DATE CRATE for Valentine's Day!

The first idea I had came about because half of the country seems to be snowed in at the moment! Here's my idea of the ultimate snowed in date night! 

Snowed In Date Night

1.  Snow Shovel- a guy needs his snow shovel so he can dig his way to you! Not even a snow storm can stop him!

2. Blanket- Next you need a blanket to spread out on the floor. It's time to get cozy!

3. S'mores- the ultimate snowed in and cozy food!

4. Hot Cocoa- What is better than Cocoa to go with S'mores? Plus more marshmallows!

5. Firewood Scented candle- just in case you don't have a fireplace to light!

6. Romantic Movie- Time to curl up on the blanket and enjoy a movie!

7. Board Games- Just in case the power goes out and the movie is a bust! Board game fun can be had via candlelight! Romantic and fun!

Now my second idea came about when my husband asked me what the ultimate "stay in" date night would require. Here's what the Deluxe Date Night looks like!

Date Night Deluxe

1. His and Hers Bathrobes- plush, lush, super comfy! 

2. Fancy Chocolates- Decadent and Romantic, what girl can say no to fancy indulgent chocolates?

3. Champagne- Bubbly and romantic and just a little bit fancy! 

4. Candles- Candle light is just romantic, a proven fact throughout the ages! 

5. Bubble Bath- You've got the candles, the robes, chocolate and champagne.....seriously a bubble bath is the last and final thing for an ultimate "Deluxe" evening to sweep a girl off her feet!

What would you put in your ultimate Date Crate? Let me know in the comments below! 

Also if you are looking for some awesome gift ideas for your guy for Valentines, Birthday, or Just Because, be sure to check out!

*Disclosure- I was contacted to do this post but I did not receive any compensation for doing the post. I will always post my own opinions and keep it real on the blog!


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