Friday Favorites 2/6

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Friday! 

It's time for Friday Favorites! 

First off...this is my ultimate favorite for the new phone case!! 


I saw this on Instagram and HAD to have it! I am so in love with it. Totoro forever!! 

Beauty Favorites:

Beautiful eye makeup! gold highlight blue eyeliner bold black eyeliner & brows

Periwinkle polish from Butter

Fashion Favorites:

Nerdy Girl Favorites: 

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Tokyo

Yeah. The moments when you just think 'Even twilight has a fandom. But nope. None for this spectacular book.'.

Joss Whedon: T-Shirts & Hoodies | Redbubble

Favorite Funnies: 

It works for shoes, purses & pretty much everything else I sneak into the house!!


Favorite Song of the Week

 That is it for me this week! Make sure you join the linkup and Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Awww I danced to Thinking Out Loud for my first dance at my wedding in September! No one really knew about it back them but I'm so glad it's becoming so mainstream! Such a beautiful song!!

  2. Ummmmmmmmm I need the name of that butter color it is perfection! I love that song I'm trying to make a strong argument to use it for our first dance song!

  3. I will always love that Ed Sheeran song!

  4. I loooove the Totoro phone case!!! Also, I totally just sent the SIP shirt to my coworker lol!

  5. We LOVE Tortoro in our house. My oldest sleeps with a stuffed animal of him and they watch the movie at least 2x a week. Love Japanese anime and it is a huge plus that it is DISNEY! (Disney Freak here) Happy Friday!

  6. haha that phone case is too cute girl.


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