Friday Favorites 12/11

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's finally Friday and that means it is Friday Favorites time! 

Shimmer and shine! This glamorous look uses your favorite glittery shade of Essie nail polish to create a fall-worthy manicure. Use this color from your beauty favorites and pair it with deeply colored pieces from your closet to really make your nail art pop.:
What shade is this??? Anyone know?????

Dark Nails:
Really feeling this color for the winter.....

rinasenorita‘s Instagram photos | : The Best Instagram Web Viewer:
Yes big sweater.. Yes.

Today's outfit! It's cool enough today to wear sweater and boots   Sweater: @lookbookstore Jeggings: Supre Booties: Temt Bag: @citybeachaustralia:
I am not a big fashion person really. I just wear what I like but this girl's style speaks to me! @rinasenorita on Instagram

Nerdy Girl:
If Lost, Humor Book Lover Unisex Hoodie, Book Nerd, Funny Hoodie:
Yes. I need this.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends:
Yep. Want.


got my 45 seconds in today:

Song of the Week:

Happy Friday Everyone. Have a safe and happy weekend!


  1. I don't even need $6 million dollars. I'll just take $2 million. See...if not greedy :)
    I love blue nails...all shades of blue.


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