Reading Confessions

I confess that I almost posted my Best Books of 2015 YESTERDAY because I didn't properly read the instructions! I'm so glad that while working on posts Sunday night I caught it and fixed it! 

I confess one of the worst parts of picking up random books at the library is reading it only to find out it is part of a series and I READ IT OUT OF ORDER. 

I confess that I have a book hording "problem". Check out my awesome thrift haul of books! ( I paid less than ten bucks!)

 I confess if the book is good I will completely tune out the rest of the world while reading. 

I confess that while I am a huge lover of audio books and e books, nothing will ever replace the feel of a real book in my hands. 

I confess that I'd rather have a huge library than a walk-in closet. 

I confess that I totally get second hand embarrassment when a character does something awkward or stupid. 

I confess I have a hard time letting people borrow my books. I love my books! Don't hurt them! 

I confess to seeing strangers reading a book I love and having the strong desire to discuss it with them. 

I confess that when rereading a book or series it feels like I'm seeing old friends again. I remember parts of my life from when I first read the's one of my favorite parts of reading. 

What are some of your reading confessions? Are you a book hoarder as well? 

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  1. I am a TOTAL book hoarder. I have a bookshelf for "read" books, a bookshelf for "to read" books, and my floor is the home of library books that are checked out. I often tell myself "Erin, read the books on that to read shelf before checking out another book at the library" do you think that goes down? And then, I find myself walking into a favorite secondhand bookstore and buying more books :) You feel me.

  2. I love my books, but I use them well - I dog ear them, I lend them out, I take them to the beach, I spill water on them. I like them to live the breadth of life with me.

  3. Oh I hate reading books out of order as well! And I agree that there's no replacement for a "real" book in your hands, though audio books and e-readers fill my reading needs when I can't read a book.


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