Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Festive Fifteen Tag

1.Favorite Christmas smell / scent ?
I love the smell of snow. Now it probably won't be a white Christmas this year as it has been pretty warm but I love a white Christmas with that crisp scent of snow.

2. Gingerbread or Candy canes?
I'm not really into either one but Candy Canes over Gingerbread

3. Is your tree real or fake?
Fake. Robert wants a real one someday but I think they are a lot of work. Yes they smell nice but honestly...the fake one is so simple....

4. Quality Street or Roses?
So this must be an oversees thing since those aren't things that I am familiar with...however I am guessing they are chocolates so I'm just going to say that I love Christopher Elbow chocolates. YUM.

5. Do you dress up or down on December 25th?
I used to spend the day in pajamas but now that I'm a married lady and we have to split time we dress up to visit relatives.

6. Do you have any specific festive traditions?
We open one present on Christmas Eve (it's always new pajamas).

7. Any embarrassing Christmas moments that come to mind?
Not really....our Christmas times are pretty much just hilarious and fun....I don't remember anything embarrassing happening!

8. Do you wake up early or late on Christmas morning?
Early. Always. One year my youngest brother and I were up at 4 am. Of course my parents weren't getting up that early so we sat up and sorted the presents and basically stared at them until 6 am.

9. If you had a stocking where did you hang them?
We still do stockings! We hang them on the wall now because the pups are nosy and always try to get a sneak peek!

10. Favorite festive film/s?
How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol, ELF, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf, The Holiday, The Family Stone....the list goes on and on.....

11. Was there a present you always asked for as a child but never received?
....I'm going to sound spoiled but I didn't really have one. I usually got what I asked for...and yes I asked for a pony. I didn't get one for Christmas but I did get a horse eventually.....so....yeah.

12. What was the best gift you received  as a child?
I received a lot of great gifts.....I suppose the best one was Jake our German Shepherd. He was such a cute puppy!

13. What is on top of your Christmas tree?

14. Favorite festive food?
I basically love all the food. I do love that Robert gets me a chocolate orange for my stocking every year though!

15. Favorite Christmas activity?
I love watching my family open their gifts from me. I love the looks on their faces. I try to put a LOT of thought into a gift and I do love to surprise them...even though it PAINS me to wait....honestly I would give everyone their presents tomorrow if I could....

I found this awesome tag over at Milk Bubble Tea Blog

I'm tagging anyone who feels like doing this one! Let me know if you do so I can be sure to read your answers!


  1. You can light a candle and your house can smell like a tree without the huge mess of a real one. LOL. Plus ticks come in on them! We haven't had a real one for a few years and I do NOT miss it.

  2. I laughed at #11 because I got a pony for my birthday one year. Yep. Spoiled girls unite!

  3. We would get up early but my parents refused to get out of bed until they smelled coffee brewing. I also learned to be specific. The year I turned 16, I asked for a car - and got a Matchbox. They wrapped an old set of keys in a box to make it worse!

  4. YES to someone else loving The Family Stone. I didn't watch it this season (or anything for that matter), but I want to.


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