Currently: Decemeber 2015

Reading....Cinder by Marissa Meyer . I have heard amazing things about this series and I am really looking forward to getting into this world!

Watching....Well Watched- Steampunk'd. I love the steampunk style. I think it is so creative and beautiful. This was a fun show that I randomly caught on Hulu and binge watched. Though I can't say that I agreed with the judges on some of the rooms. finish wrapping gifts. Christmas is NEXT WEEK. get my nails done for the holidays, but at the same time it seems like an unnecessary expense right now. Maybe I should just suck it up and use one of the billion polishes I own and do it myself. 

 Amused....this adorable picture. My husband sometimes has to fill in at school crossings to help out at work and a little boy gave him this the other day. Isn't this so Adorable? 

Enjoying.....Christmas Decorations. My mom is on a whole other level when it comes to this stuff!

Christmas Village

The mantle

Mom made this. Seriously.

Pinterest inspired. All rescued from the thrift store.

Boring Brown wreath transformed into Winter Silver gorgeousness.

Happy Monday Everyone. 


  1. I adore the sled with the skates. Too cute.

  2. I cannot believe Christmas is NEXT WEEK. So weird. I say throw the shit in bags. That's what I plan on doing. lol :)

  3. Can she create my door decorations? I just don't have the motivation/dollas, lol.


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