Favorite Christmas Reads

Good Morning,

It's kind of a book theme this week isn't it? 

I just thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite reads for getting into the Christmas mood. Yes these are children's book but I'm a firm believe that a truly great book is great because it appeals to all ages. 

Here we go: 

Twas the Night Before Christmas- A classic and always a fun read. It's beautiful and timeless. 


Rocking Horse Christmas-My mom bought me this book years ago and it still makes me cry. It's a wonderful story about imagination, growing up, and things coming full circle.

Santa's Snow Cat-  This is story about his snowy white kitty gets lost and searches to find her Santa.
Cajun Night Before Christmas- A twist on the classic this book is just hilarious to read. I remember reading it to the group of fourth graders that I was a teaching assistant for when I was in high school. So much fun.

McDuff's New Friend- I believe that McDuff has his own series but this is the one that I know best. McDuff the white puppy keeps hearing noises outside and when he goes to investigate he finds Santa's sleigh stuck in the snow!

The Snow Bear- A story about a little Polar bear that gets separated from his mother. All the other animals gather to help him create a snow bear to keep him company until she finds him again.  

The Polar Express- I wasn't overly fond of the movie adaptation of this one but the book is still considered a classic.

 How The Grinch Stole Christmas- I love Dr. Suess. I love the whimsical worlds and I love the life lessons. "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store....maybe Christmas perhaps....means a little bit more."


A Christmas Carol- I have many many editions of this story. I love reading it every year. Slightly creepy. Very moving. It will always have a home on my shelf. 


What are some of your favorite Christmas Stories? Any of these you plan to check out? 

Happy Thursday Everyone.


  1. I'm not really into Christmas books but I am intrigued by cajun Christmas!


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