December Confessions

I have already watched Rudolf.....twice.

I haven't gotten my tree up yet and it totally bums me out.

It's my birthday month and I'm super excited about the freebies. Is that weird?

I'm about halfway done with my Christmas shopping. Amazon loves me.

I had to call in opinions from my best guy friend on what to get my husband. He was super helpful but in the end I had to flip a coin. Thankfully the coin gave me the same answer as him!
I confess that I am that annoying Christmas Person. Whatever you've had your turkey now it's my turn.
If you post Elf on the Shelf on my Facebook feed I will unfollow you. That thing is so freaking creepy.
I think gingerbread smells amazing but tastes like sadness and disappointment.

Happy Confession Day Everyone! Be sure to join the linkup!

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  1. OMG yes I feel the exact same way about gingerbread. My sister sent me a pic of the elf on a shelf set up the other day for my creepy.

  2. LOL at gingerbread tasting like sadness and disappointment!!!! I love Christmas and have watched several Christmas movies already!!! And before Thanksgiving!!! And ummm Elf on a Shelf is creepy!!!

  3. Elf has been on repeat at my gym and I watch it all the time LOL

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Yes to bday freebies! It's my birthday month too and every day I get excited to see more freebies/discounts from stores and restaurants in my email!

  5. I despise Elf on a Shelf. Hate it with all my soul. I'm with you about gingerbread...smells good, taste gross!

  6. Yay birfday stuffs!
    I had the most EPIC dilemma with Teh German's cmas present. As in, cancelled it and reordered it and still worry that I made the wrong choice. Now I just need to figure out a way to throw him off the scent of what it is, because I think he knows that it's an action camera (a GoPro ripoff) since he's been talking about motovlogging.
    I want to be that annoying Christmas person, but the effort is just too much for me.


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