Confessions 12/16

After spending Saturday at the mall (about 45 minutes away) I realized that I REALLY miss our mall. Outdoor concept malls don't work in crazy weather areas like this one. It was so nice to wander around in a climate control area and not have to worry about the weather!

Whoever thought of reversible wrapping paper is a freaking genius and I love you. #prettypresents

Ulta has a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. I am banned from shopping because of birthday/Christmas. It is killing me.

My 81 year old Great Aunt sent me a Christmas card with a 4 page handwritten letter. It was so sweet and adorable.

I love how Kyra is getting so excited about Christmas Lights. She loves all the bright colors.

Short and Sweet this week. Happy Humpday Everyone.

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  1. I love reversible wrapping paper too! And just cute wrapping in general. I always have big plans to do fancy wrap jobs and then it get's last minute and I have to throw everything together and it's not nearly as pretty as I hoped!

  2. reversible wrapping paper is like a christmas miracle!

  3. I intend to write more handwritten letters...they are so wonderful and meaningful and just don't happen anymore. I'm so glad you received that from your sweet aunt.

  4. Reversible christmas paper is THE BEST.
    I hate how our mall is laid out because it's like a snake rather than a star with points, so you have to walk the entire length to get anywhere. I'm not 80 walking the mall for exercise! WTF.


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