Weekend Recap: Christmas Explosion

I'm not going to break the weekend down into days this time as the entire weekend was just a blur of Christmas Decor. 

Here let me show you: 

The top tree is before all the ornaments. (Yes there is a squirrel in the tree.) 

The bottom is full of all those ornaments you see in on the couch there in the second picture. (Yes Spider-Man is our tree topper.)

It was fun to put everything up and to watch Christmas movies but it was a lot more work than I remember from when I was a kid. Though admittedly my parents did most of the stuff then. Kyra did help us hang ornaments and tell us where to put certain ones. 

I'm glad that everything is up now and it is finally starting to feel really festive around here! 

(If you are curious about the extra two stockings up top those are for Kiya and Luna. OF COURSE our dogs get stockings too!!!)


  1. it's starting to feel a lot like christmas around here too!! our tree is up and i'll be wrapping gifts this week to place under the tree :)

  2. I love the squirrel in the tree...and fur babies most definitely need stockings too :)

  3. I'm pretty sure we had the Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and reindeer from that same nativity set when I was growing up. I think my Mom still has it somewhere!


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