Friday Favorites 12/18

Good Morning Everyone, 

Apparently I totally missed posting yesterday. This week has just been crazy but I did remember to get up and get today's post done and hopefully next week I'll be back on track. Even with the holiday! 

Here's the Friday Favorites: 

Holiday Blue Nails:
Loving the blue

Polka dot nails:
I wish I had the patience to do this to my nails. Super cute.

Nerdy Girl: 

Wampa & Ewok from star wars stockings:

the ironic part is that just a few days ago i told my boyfriend that it would be epic if they actually had this:
This would be the most EPIC gift.

He really, really hates it. | 28 Reasons Chris Pratt Is The Adorable Goofball Of Your Dreams
Chris Pratt knows the struggle.

I'm only laughing because this totally happened to me the other morning!! Lol:
It is embarrassing how many times this happens to me.

Song of the Week: 

Have a safe and fun weekend Everyone!


  1. I love that blue polish and that purple would be way more awesome in matte!


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