Friday Favorites 2/13

Good Morning Everyone! 

It's Friday!!! Time for Favorites!! 

Beauty Favorites: 
I love this look! Jaclyn Hill is seriously Amazing! 

Classic Pin Up makeup worn so well by Miss Dita. Does this inspire you?

Stunning Makeup!! :: Pin Up Girl Makeup:: Retro:: Vintage Makeup:: Rockabilly
I am super into the pinup look lately!

Fashion Favorites: 
How you feel when someone invites you to do something that involves getting dressed and turning off the Netflix.


Nerdy Girl Favorites: 
Miss Me, Puddin'? | Hot Topic

There are nail collections. | 33 Fabulously Geeky "Sherlock" Items You Can Buy Right Now

Favorite Funnies:
Viva la leggings. | 17 Signs You're Addicted To Leggings - this list is cute but this last pic is my life
I just got off the phone with Friday... She'll be here tomorrow and she is bringing wine! @DarkPhoenix

That's it for me today! Happy Friday Everyone! 


  1. Seriously that makeup is amazing and I need that tank in my life oh and those pumps!

  2. haha that leggings meme is my life. I wear shorts or short skirts or leggings 99% of the time. Hate jeans and they are worn only out of necessity.


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