Choose Your Own Adventure Linkup: Complete and Create

Good Morning Everyone,

Life According to Steph

Today we share our progress on our goals from last month and find out what our goals for this month will be! Let's get started:

January's Goal: COMPLETE

So here are my "Complete" Goals: 

1) Complete the entire month using the cleaning schedule I've started this week.---Great Success! I love my cleaning schedule and I'm not sure how I ever lived without one! Not only have I stuck to it but I have gotten ADDITIONAL things done because of it! I have so much more time simply because it is managed better!

2) Complete all tax prep--Not only is the prep done but the whole thing is done! Taxes are filed and sent! HUGE weight lifted!

3) Complete edits on my finished first draft of Book One---Well Edits are not completely done....I have some serious work to do as I found some major plot holes and actually want to rewrite an entire section BUT I did do a huge amount of editing and wouldn't have found these issues without I count it as a Win. 

 February's Goal: CREATE

 1) I want to create a costume for Comic Con in March. I am going all three days and one of them I want to Cosplay. Wish I could sew...

2) One piece of artwork for my home

3) Does more work on the novel count? I'm counting it. 

How did you do on your goals last month? Are you joining again this month? What are your "Create" goals? Be sure to join the linkup and let us all know! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Oooooh I love costumes! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

  2. You seriously killed it in January. Huge. I'm glad the schedule is working for you. I feel the same about using one - it actually allows me to get more done because I'm focused and not wasting time figuring out which tasks to do.

    More work on the novel always counts! For all goals.

  3. Wow - you kicked ass! Way to go on the taxes. I was "waiting until I had all my forms," but I think it's about time I stop pretending that there might be more coming in the mail. I'm pretty sure they're all here. What does your cleaning schedule look like? (I'm struggling to stick to one)

  4. Great job on your goals! Isn't it amazing having your taxes done already?

  5. oh man, i really need a cleaning schedule! then i might actually do it, and not have to waste a whole day doing a full clean. bah.

  6. What, taxes done?! Jealous! You kicked ass in January, I'm so impressed. Excited to see what you make for February!

  7. I cant wait to see your comic con costume! cant believe you're going to create one!

  8. I finished my taxes over the weekend and glad I did. Now on to everything studying. It sounds like you are creative. Are you seeing your costume. Thanks for linking up!


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