Good Morning Everyone, 

I know most of the East coast is covered in snow right now but we hadn't had any in weeks....well last night it finally did snow! It actually started when Bobby and I were driving...one minute the roads were just as normal and then it was like we crossed an invisible barrier where there were big snowflakes falling everywhere! Either way we got just a bit and it made everything look beautiful! 

So here's what went on this weekend: 

Friday Night Game Night: My brother and his friend came over and we stayed up WAY too late playing board games! However it seems that his friend had a really good time (I'm so glad!) and we have plans to game again this weekend!!

Saturday was (obviously) Valentine's Day: 

1) Kyra and Luna- This was taken a few days before but....that is love right there! 

2) Valentines from my Valentine- Bobby was super sweet and got me Candy and Pitch Perfect which even though I know every word of...I didn't own yet! He did good! 

3) Candy from Cocoa Dolce- These candies are so beautiful that it is hard to eat them! However they are SO GOOD that you can't help but not! 

4&5) Valentine's Dinner- Bobby made a homemade pizza and we enjoyed it while watching Netflix and playing blocks with Kyra. It was a perfect night!

Sunday: My parents offered to take Kyra so that Bobby and I could go out. First off we stopped at Dave and Buster's and played games. When Bobby and I were in college and would go to the movies there was an arcade and we would always go early so we could play this Jurassic Park game. Well they have the same game at D&B's so we spent an hour playing like children. It was pretty much AWESOME. 

After gaming we decided to go see a movie. We went to see Seventh Son and honestly despite what the critics are saying about it....I liked it. Sure it was a little silly, but the story was entertaining and the CGI looked awesome in my opinion. I loved the monsters and it had some really good actors in it as well. All in all, I'd watch it again! 
Driving home in the snow Selfie

After the movie we shopped around a bit at T.J. Maxx but didn't buy anything and then looked around at Nebraska Furniture Mart for a new mattress. We didn't see anything we really liked but Bobby did have me take a picture of a sink that he liked! 

Then we headed to my parents for dinner and Walking Dead!

That was our weekend! Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Yay for a good weekend and for candy! The snow really does look beautiful!


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