10 Things I've learned since becoming a Mom

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today is going to be a Mommy post, if that isn't your jam I get it, come back tomorrow for my Confessions Post! 

For those that wanna stick around I'm gonna share with you: 

1) Personal boundaries on appearance are more like "guidelines" really.- After having Kyra I was surprised at how little I cared if anyone saw me in my pajamas at three pm. At the beginning when I was nursing I didn't care what I looked like or what raggedy item of clothing I had on...Kyra was my focus and there are still days when showering is a luxury.

2) You will talk and think about your child's bathroom habits far more than you ever thought you would think about anyone's. Even your own. - At first it is all about diapers and how often and is everything healthy....and then it is all about potty training, avoiding accidents, and how weird the process of potty training can be.

3) Every day is different. Every child is different. Make no assumptions and always expect the unexpected. 

4) There will be so many days where you are sure that you a screwing it all up and you  just wing it. I think this is true for all moms out there. You probably aren't really screwing it up. So long as you are really trying.

5) There are days where you will listen to the same song/movie/show on repeat. You will become so ingrained with starting them over that you convince yourself that you aren't even doing it anymore. You will start to hum Hakuna Matata in those rare moments you are alone....and you will REJOICE the moment that the kiddo shows interest in literally ANY OTHER song/movie/show. (101 Dalmatians I adore you for saving me!) 

6) You will learn that some battles cannot be won. Especially with a toddler. 

7) Big purses are no longer for makeup must haves but for band-aids, baby Tylenol, Orajel, extra wipes, extra outfits, diapers, bloomers, lotion, diaper cream, and extra toys and snacks. 

8) Even if you cannot handle puke at all....when your kiddo is sick you will be there every puking moment. When Kyra got sick the other week she would run to me upset and I would pick her up and hold her....then she would proceed to puke down my shirt. She did this four times. I honestly didn't even care because I was so busy trying to make her feel better as she cried that her belly hurt. (We also climbed fully clothed into the shower at one point because that honestly seemed the easiest option. Totally worked.) 

9) Everyone and ANYONE is going to give you advice. Smile, Nod, and then go with your gut. No one knows your baby the way that you do.

10) There are so many moments when I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest with love for this little girl. Seriously I will well up at times just looking at her playing, sleeping, even throwing a fit....She is my most beautiful wonderful masterpiece. 


  1. What a lovely post! #7 made me giggle; #8 made me laugh out loud. Unfortunately for my mom, I was a puking child. There were a few years that I'd sleep walk and end with puking wherever I felt like it. Oh, my poor parents.

  2. I cant wait to be a mummy I loved reading this!


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