28in28 Recap: Things I learned

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today marks the end of my 28 posts in 28 days challenge! 

I have to say I was really excited to start this challenge but I am even more excited that I completed it! It was a fun challenge to undertake and I did learn some really important things along the way!

1) I do not like to post on Sundays. For some reason I never seem to have enough focus to know what I want to write for Sundays. The weekends are usually either busy or they are spent being a little lazy, either way I will be very glad to get back to writing five times a week with weekends off! 

2) I learned to start having my phone at the ready for pictures. This might seem silly but I actually caught a lot more moments because I was thinking about sharing them on the blog. I don't want all the pictures to come to the blog of course and I don't want to be one of those people that are like "STOP! Don't move! I need to blog this!" But I am glad that I actually thought to grab the camera and capture some of the adorable moments. Pictures really do make a blog post more fun and exciting. Even if they are just ones on your phone. I honestly don't mind that they aren't high quality pictures but I am going to try and use the fancy camera a little more!

3) On that same note- it pays to make designs on PicMonkey. I really like creating them for one thing and they are really eye catching to post on Pinterest or on Facebook. I usually get more hits on a post if I take the time to make a cute "logo" type thing! 

4) Having a schedule for blogging is very helpful. I am not sure why I fight schedules so much...maybe it's like a flashback to school or something? Well call me officially converted to scheduling. Even if I didn't use the post I scheduled for the day I had options that even led to better ideas for posts! 

5) My blog might not be big or have a huge following but the following I do have is amazing! You all have been so supportive with your comments. You kept me motivated to finish this challenge and to come back here and write every single day this past month! Thank you all so very much! 

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to take a break. See you back here in March....on Monday. 


  1. I really need to start using GIFs. They're entertaining!

    Since you don't like to blog on Sundays, have you heard of the April A-Z Challenge? Not counting Sundays, there are 26 days in April - one for each day of the alphabet.
    Oh a link would be nice! http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/what-is-blogging-from-to-z.html It's neat to go thru the sign up list and see how many different topics there are for each letter!

  2. Congrats for completing it! Sundays are a hard day to post for me I just wouldnt be able to get into it and that would be soooo much work keeping up with comments and posting every day! haha You did a stellar job!

  3. I rarely schedule any posts. I know the reasons why I should, but I just don't do it. Ha!

  4. You win the internets for those sweet gifs. Especially Lady Grantham. Between that line and her conversations with Isobel, I just love her. Word on the street (as of yesterday) is that after this upcoming season, she's done.. My soul hurts.


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