Choose Your Adveture Linkup: Relationships/Finances

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's time for the Choose Your Adventure Linkup! 

Life According to Steph

1) A half hour to hour of stretching/fitness/wellness- Relationship with Self and with Kyra (she's been doing my morning stretches with me! So Cute!) --Managed to do this about 90% of the may have been the only thing to keep me from stressing out completely.

2) Plan get together with friends for the upcoming months--Friendships--Actually got together with two during Comicon...maybe plans for this month but nothing set in stone...half a point.

3) One date night just Robert and Me- Husband and Self ---Life happened. This didn't. Try again next month.

4) Bedtime Story Time- Kyra, Self, Husband --This happened every night, though some nights it was a super short book, but we kept at it and will continue!

April's Goal: Finances

1) Stick to budget with a limited "free spending" amount

2) Organize bills onto my smartphone with updated payment dates and amounts (I still have notifications from things I paid off like...two years ago. My car for example!)

Nothing too big for this month. I confess finances aren't really exciting even if they are necessary! 

What are your goals for the month? Be sure to join the linkup!


  1. I'm glad your goal kept you from stressing the F out last month, I know it was a rough one for you!

    Finances are boring, right? But necessary.

  2. Good job getting together with friends last month, as well as spending reading time with your family each night! We try to do this too. You're right, money isn't a "fun" topic but is necessary. I also find it empowering to know all I can about the money I spend. I know it won't increase my bank account, but just knowing that I have some control makes me happier.

  3. You'll get the date night this month I hope. Last month was a rough one for you so all things considered you rocked!!


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