Confessions: April 1st

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is the first day of April if you can believe it....honestly I can't. Wasn't it just March 1st? Honestly with all that has gone on the past few weeks I feel as though I will never catch back up with the rest of the world.

But today is Confession Day...and I am happy to be here to blog about it!

I confess...I hate April Fools Day. I don't find most pranks funny. Usually they just seem mean spirited. Kind of like when people excuse their rudeness by saying "I'm just brutally honest!" There actually is a difference...unfortunately about 90% of people don't understand that.

I confess that I fell into the trap of eating my feelings the past few weeks. I was doing okay for a few days but then I just finally let go and haven't stopped since. Last night I was feeling particularly icky because of all the junk but today I am ready to get things together again. Small changes.

I confess that I honestly and truthfully hate the heat. No joke I whine like a two year old when I am sweaty and uncomfortable. Bring back my snow!! #unpopularopinion #dealwithit

I confess that I have stayed up waaaaay to late reading these past few weeks...sleep just isn't my friend lately. But I have loved the books and cannot wait for the book linkup this month!

I confess that I am really glad that I have this linkup...and two more for this week as writing prompts. I feel like all my blogging mojo is gone and my brain is empty.

That's it for me today. Happy Hump Day Everyone! Be sure to join the linkups!
Making Melissa
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. Your gif after your writing mojo line is perfect! Hooray for you that you've been enjoying reading. When I can't sleep, that's exactly what I'm doing too.


  3. The brutally honest thing - yes! As soon as someone says, "I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking" or "I'm just being true to myself" after saying something rude or judgmental, I have to check out. It makes me too angry to respond in a positive or diplomatic way.

  4. I dont mind pranks but some people take them way too far. Also, I at my feelings for all of 2014 so I completely understand.


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