Easter 2015

Good Morning Everyone, 

As pretty much everyone knows yesterday was Easter. This year was not Kyra's first Easter but it was her first time getting to really experience Easter. She actually understood what was going on and actually got to have her first real Easter Egg Hunt. I snapped a few pictures of things that I never want to forget because this was hilarious and so much fun! 

The Easter Basket: Easter Bunny spent a lot of time arranging this to look pretty...it turned out great!

The Excitement Begins!

Straight to the Coloring Book

Coloring book and a tiny bunny!
A Golden Egg!

Golden Eggs have the best surprises...like My Little Ponies!

How cute are these carrot eggs? She loved them.

Hugs from Daddy....while she hoards the Play Doh.

The Egg Hunt Begins!

She has her own technique.

Note: Reece's are her favorite candy. She was so happy when an egg busted open and one popped out!

So many eggs!


She now pops them all open trying to get more Reece's Candies...

Pop-pop saves the candy.

I have no idea what this face is...but I am in love with it. Her Easter basket from Grandma and Pop-pop.

This year was so much fun with her...and while the Easter Bunny went a little overboard on eggs (seriously....like 30 for only one little egg hunter...) it was totally worth it because she was thrilled and giggling the whole time!

I hope Everyone had a Happy Easter and a Great Weekend! 

Also a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Daddy today! He's the most amazing Dad and Pop-pop ever!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


  1. Super cute! And now, from the statements made, I'm trying to figure out if the overly enthusiastic Easter Bunny is you or a grandparent.

  2. Super cute! I'm glad you all had a great day.

  3. Aw it looks like she had so much fun! What a great age!

  4. What a gorgeous series of photos! Easter is awesome with kids who are still excited about the Easter Bunny and hunting eggs :)

  5. So cute! She looks like she had a great time! Glad you guys had a great weekend :)


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