What I Read: March Edition

Good Morning Everyone! 

It is time for one of my favorite linkups of all time!!! 
Life According to Steph

I read a bunch of really great books last month...although some of them were poorly timed due to personal goings on in my life. However that didn't stop them from being really great books! 

Here's what I read: 

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
I know that everyone was pretty shocked when I said that I didn't like Gone Girl...and I stand by my opinion. However while I didn't like that particular book I did appreciate how well written it was and that prompted me to pick up this one. I will cut to the chase and tell you right now...I LOVED this one! This is more what I expected out of Gone Girl. I didn't necessarily "like" any of the characters but I did care about what happened to them. The mystery in this one had me guessing and re-guessing! Would for sure recommend and will be reading more titles by Gillian Flynn!!

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
This one I actually got because of this linkup! I love Neil Gaiman's style of storytelling and this story was whimsical and charming and just a little bit heartbreaking. Brilliant.

Wickedly Wonderful by Deborah Blake
This is the second book in the Baba Yaga series that I started a few months ago and thankfully it was just as good as the first! I am really enjoying the series as a whole and while this one had a different main character I really enjoyed her as much as the first one. These are nice little bits of paranormal fluff that just make me happy! 

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
I picked up this book for no other reason than I liked the cover. I know you aren't supposed to do that but I did. This book....oh this book....I was not prepared for this one. For those that like myself know nothing about this one I will warn you ahead of time. It deals with a lot of life struggles...Depression...Loss....Death. I cried massive amounts of tears over this one. It didn't help that I was reading it during a really tough time in my own personal life. This book is brilliant, beautiful, and sad. I loved it and yet I am still angry with it...I think I will continue to be confused on just what I felt about it for a long time to come. However if you are up to the emotional turmoil...read it...but bring tissues. 

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand
 Now this one is also sad but I at least was prepared for it to be a little sad as the title implies a lot. However I was not expecting just what I got. The main character drew me in so readily even though she was like the polar opposite of myself. I cared about her and I wanted to understand her and I REALLY wanted to understand her brother. This book is about loss after suicide and while it was sad it was also hopeful. A really good read but again bring tissues! 

So that was what I read last month and I am already started on a whole long list for this month! I am so happy I joined this linkup because it has rekindled my love for finding new book treasures that may be out of my normal comfort zone! My list just keeps growing every month! 

See any books on my list you want to read? Any you have read and want to share your thoughts! Hit up the comments and don't forget to join the linkup!!! 


  1. I totally 100% agree with you about Gone Girl vs. Dark Places. I saw GG the movie and say it's one of the very few movie adaptations that I like more than the book.

    I've got all the others on my to read list already, and your reviews only pique my interest more (except Wickedly Wonderful; that's just not my thang).

  2. I actually liked both Gone Girl and Dark Places, but I hated the way the Gone Girl ended. It made me crazy! lol! I just bought Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects to read next month. I read a huge tearjerker this month too. I don't think I've ever cried so hard over a book. lol! I wasn't expecting it to be at all so I think it caught me off guard

  3. All the Bright Places just came in for me at the library.

    I loved all of Gillian Flynn's books - I read Dark Places and Sharp Objects first so was on the first train to Gone Girl. I truly did like them all.

  4. I just finished Dark Places and it was by far my favorite Flynn book, I was happily surprised that it was such a great story but really wasn't as dark as some of her other stories.

  5. I'm really intrigued by All the Bright Places and The Last Time We Say Goodbye, but I'm thinking that with the crazy pregnancy hormones (I nearly cried over the first episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) I should maybe wait to read them :)

  6. I haven't read Dark Places- I was on the fence. But I might try it, especially after hearing how everybody liked it. I'm not sure I'm in a good place to read anything too sad, but I have heard good things about All the Bright Places. Maybe someday! Thanks for the shares.

  7. All the Bright Places WRECKED me for days. I still get a bit choked up thinking of the end. Such a fantastic book.

    Dark Places was better than Gone Girl. I wholeheartedly agree (although I did love Gone Girl).

  8. Oh I liked Gone Girl the most of the three, though totally agree that the characters were not likable people. I think that is why I liked it because it was weird to not pull for a character. Several people have mentioned All The Bright Places, I'm just not sure I'm ready for a sad book :)

  9. I didn't like Gone Girl either which was so disappointing because of everyone else's review but I am thinking Dark Places sounds great. Also I love paranormal fluff!!

  10. Looks like you cried a lot last month. Hope this month has some happy books, hehe. "The Ocean" is already on my list, probably from this link up too. I want to read All the Bright Places. I'm currently reading All the Light We Cannot See. I think it's a tear jerker as well.

  11. I love all of Gillian Flynn's books! I also really loved All The Bright Places! I'm adding The Last Time We Say Goodbye to my list!

  12. I think I meant to pick All the Bright Places to read but accidentally picked Everything I Never Told You because the covers are similar. I'm totally a book cover judger. I've gotten so much ridicule from people about how my book shelf had all neon covered books on it (bahaha remember when people actually had physical books.. those were the days, lol). If I'm browsing books at the used book store (because that's all I can afford) and the cover of your book is a dark color that blends in with all the others and the one beside it is neon pink.. guess which one I'm going to pull out and read the synopsis of? NEON. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

  13. Some good reads here. Ill be adding some of these to my list!


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