My Top Apps for Saving (and Making) Extra Cash!

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today I wanted to share with you the Apps that I use in order to both save money and also make money! 

I don't know anyone that isn't looking to add a little extra cash flow to their budget. The following apps are ones that I personally have used and have had success with in order to either save or to actually earn money! 

1) Us Likey-  This is an app that is sort of like Instagram. You post pictures with hashtags and each week favorites are selected and given rewards! The hashtags are usually demos of your favorite items or just images from your weekend! Usually rewards are in the form of gift cards or (as in my own case) actual cash money! They use Gift Rocket as a transfer and payment can be sent directly and safely to your account! This one is only available for iPhone users currently but ever since installing it I have actually earned $75 dollars in the past month! Now that may not seem like a lot but to me that is a water bill payment! If you would like to try this one out my user name is chaosncocoa! If you mention me when you sign up I will get rewards but you for sure don't have to!

2) Target Cartwheel- I am pretty sure that a lot of people use this one but just in case you don't here is why you should! I always scan my items before checking out to see if there is a cartwheel on them and about 7 out of ten times there is one! Also cartwheels can be combined with coupons for even more savings! I know I always save at least a couple bucks each time I use my Cartwheel! 

3) Walmart Savings Catcher- Walmart's answer to the Cartwheel. This app allows you to upload your receipt and then it scans nearby stores to see if you got the best deal. If another store had a better deal Walmart will give you the difference back on a gift card! The best part is you can keep adding up your savings until you reach a larger amount and then cash in the gift card! Now you don't have to drive to multiple stores which saves time and you still get a good deal! 

4) Swagbucks- I use Swagbucks on multiple platforms but I have to say the app is the easiest. I just log in, get some points and log back out! Also you can launch the Swagbuck TV app and just let it run for a bit to earn some easy points! Points can be redeemed for all sorts of items but the best bang for your buck? Amazon $5 gift card! I payed for a huge chunk of Christmas last year by saving up all my gift cards that I earned through this one! I also get points for referral so again if you are so inclined click here! (You totally don't have to! It will not hurt my feelings one bit!)

Those are the top four apps that I see the most consistent savings and money making abilities in though I have tried plenty more! I was not a big fan of ibotta or of Checkout51 as I never seemed to be purchasing the items that they offered points on but you budget might be different from mine so I would still recommend you check them out for yourself! 

 I also just recently started using some apps that sync with my Vivofit so hopefully I will see some savings there soon!

Do you use apps for savings/money making? What are your favorites?


  1. I love Cartwheel! I use Swagbucks but not as much as I should.

    ibotta...couldn't get into it.

  2. I downloaded Cartwheel but never got into it for some reason. I need to give it a try again. People are always talking about the amazing deals they've gotten using it!

  3. I think the only app I really do anything with is the one for my local grocery store - Safeway, and it's pretty basic. It's got my shopping list, and let's me search for relevant coupons. I never bothered with paper coupons so having it all digital is really nice!

  4. I dont use any of these but what a great post!


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