Weekending 4/24-4/26

Good Morning Everyone,

This weekend kind of flew by for me but that didn't make it any less busy or fun! 

Friday-Honestly Friday was pretty low key and we ended up just staying in and enjoying a night at home just the three of us. We did watch the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower and I have to say I loved it. The acting was amazing and the story was so good! I am surprised I hadn't read it before or seen the movie but I am really glad that I did and will probably have to check the book out now too! 

Saturday- A totally gloomy and rainy day and we decided that we would take Kyra to her very first movie! We went to the 11am showing so that there wouldn't be a large crowd and that way if Kyra acted up we could get up and leave without too much fuss. It was great, there were only two other families there and Kyra did a stellar job! She did get a little bit antsy in the middle but as soon as another song came on she was good to go again. I was so proud of her and honestly it was really nice to go to a movie as a family. 
We saw Home and it was adorable and a lot of fun. Great one for Kyra's first!!

After the movie we went by my parents' place to visit for a bit and Kyra decided to play hide and seek...
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Sunday- Morning was spent doing a Walmart run where my husband decided that we needed to get an iced tea maker. For some reason we have been drinking a lot more tea around here and he felt that meant we needed one. Honestly it works really well and saves me from constantly having to put the kettle on! 
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We also stopped by the garden section and apparently they are painting plants now? Admittedly they were pretty but I avoid cactus on general principle. Too pokey.

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We did pick up this little guy however and he reminds me of prehistoric plants for some reason....I dunno why...but he was cute and not expensive so he came home to live with us! 
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He is really tiny and in a magnetic little pot that I put on the wall!

Then when we got home I saw this little beauty! This is the first time in four years that this iris has bloomed! I cannot tell you how excited I was and most especially since it came up in my favorite color! 

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The rest of Sunday Funday was spent playing board games with my brother who came to hang out for awhile, finishing up with the newest Game of Thrones episode. 

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So there you have it, our weekend recap. How was your weekend?


  1. Boo the photos aren't coming up for me. I need to clear my cache.

    I'm glad your family movie out went well!

  2. You're pics aren't showing up :( Yay for a quiet Friday and a movie weekend!


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