Thursday Thoughts: What's Been On My Mind This Week.....

1. Houses are expensive. 

2. Student Loans are the spawn of Satan. 

3. The simple thought of meal planning makes me groan like a teenager with extra weekend homework. How can I shake this? 

4.I think my blog might be boring. Maybe I'm boring?

5. I'm not very focused. My blog is a giant jumble of thoughts most of the time and I have no structure. Basically this is my entire life. 

6. I need a pedicure and a manicure....

7. Is it crazy for a person to go out with a pair of scissors and cut down the ridiculously tall dandelions in their yard? The grass is fine but the dandelions were like a foot tall. I mean it only took twenty minutes....

8. Baby #2....when? Soon? I'm still to heavy to think about getting pregnant again aren't I? That is toxic thinking....but it still might be true. 

9. Totally forgot to post yesterday. It was confession day. No one is going to read if you don't post regularly. Get it together.

10. The news- this is on everyone's mind I suppose. My heart hurts for the people of Baltimore, two of my friends live there and I worry about them, but I hold out hope for the good. I want to believe the best in people. Nepal- so much devastation and hurt. I'm not a particularly religious person but my thoughts are with all of them and I wish I had more to give. 

What's been on your mind this week?


  1. i do not enjoy meal planning either but i do enjoy having my meals planned and prepped, so i definitely try and focus on that!! you are not boring (duh) and i've never had a kid but i say who cares about how heavy you are, if you want #2 and you're ready, what else is there?

  2. Yes, the news has been rough this week for sure.

    And I too need a pedi/mani.

  3. If I don't meal plan I waste money and I'd rather spend it on buying things I want and travel. That is my true driver.

    Been there done that on the scissors outside...only I cut the onion grass, not the dandelions. LOL


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