Confession Day: 4/22/15

Good Morning Everyone, 

Welcome back to Confession Day!

I confess that I get super ANGRY that my husband seems to be the God of Board Games! Seriously he wins ALL. THE. TIME. He has like the worst luck in everything but board's not fair. I just wanna win one....

I confess that I buy makeup pallets based on whether they will help with a particular cosplay look....I'm more concerned with getting a fictional character's look than with a day to day look. 

I confess that I might get more excited about my husband's monthly Loot Crate than he does....and he is really excited about it. Honestly it kills me to wait to open it until he gets home. 

I confess that my brother and I spent an entire afternoon thinking up expansion pack ideas for one of our favorite tabletop games. It felt very productive...even if no one else thought so. 
I confess that I love a good quest. Seriously if there is a job out there where you are given an item or series of items to find, that is the job I need. I love completing collections or finding a particularly hard to find something. The sense of accomplishment is REAL people!

Anyone else a "quest" person? Are you lucky at board games? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. My dad is that way with board games and card games. For a long time we would play to the "2nd winner" in everything, just so that the rest of us could feel we had a chance. I make dumb makeup decisions. I buy colors that look pretty without considering what it will look like on my face. Teal and blue palette? Beautiful peacock colors! But I will never actually wear them.

  2. If you're a hunter.. my sister and I are on the hunt for Disney books. She wants to make boquests from origami flowers and she wants the paper to be disney. Disney origami paper is stupid expensive, so we're hunting for yard sales/used Disney books that people are getting rid of that are less than $1 each (since all things Disney tend to be overpriced).
    I NEVER win games. Even Cards Against Humanity. NEVER. I play what I think is funny instead of what I think the judge will think is funny and I lose because no one gets my humor. /facepalm.


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