Planet Comicon Recap (Lots of pictures!)

Good Morning Everyone, 

It is finally time for my Planet Comicon Recap! 

This year we decided to do all three days and I was so glad that we did! 


We didn't get there until about mid afternoon but honestly that wasn't a problem at all. There weren't that many people there on Friday and that made it the perfect day to wander around and get to look at all the booths without the crowds. Also if you are wanting to meet a celebrity guest Friday is your day to go! We barely had to wait in line to meet the guests we wanted to see...and I super fangirled out. Seriously I have no chill and was totally starstruck by my favorite stars. 
I met Chloe Dykstra (@Skydart) and she was so adorable and sweet and just lovely! One of my Cosplay idols!!!

Michael Rooker! Fans of Walking Dead know him as Merle. Guardians of the Galaxy fans know him as Yondu. He was so nice and sincere! He made fast friends with Kyra and was unbelievably talkative and fun to be around! He was amazing to his fans and we were happy to go through his line multiple times to get another chance to visit with him!


This is the big day for Cosplay which is honestly my very favorite part of the con. There were SO MANY amazing cosplays this year and these pictures don't even cover half of what was there as I didn't even see some of the ones that my brothers were raving about. However what I did see was truly awesome and inspiring. My youngest brother Dylan and of course Kyra were in full cosplay gear. Dylan looked amazing and his costume was completely homemade. Even the awesome helmet was created by my Dad and it turned out looking super professional...pretty much like all things my parents create.  I am fully convinced that cosplay is something that I need to do...I love every aspect of it and so admire those that create these costumes and then fully commit to the character that they are taking on. Here are just a few (honestly there was so much more): 
My Brother's Cosplay---Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon!

He found another group of Avatar Cosplayers!

And Another One!


Sunday was a bit off...mostly because of all the personal things that had gone on Saturday night, but we decided to go ahead and go for just the last two hours of the con. We scored some really great deals on artwork and ended up seeing a lot more cosplays than I actually expected. Sunday is much more mellow and quiet compared to Saturday and doesn't quite have the hype and excitement of Friday, but I still loved every minute of it because well...I love the Con. 

All in all I have to say that this Con gets better and better every single year. It is growing and honestly I love that it is because as it grows more and more people are starting to see that it is totally okay to go out there and embrace your inner nerd! 

My things for next year: 
1) I will be cosplaying at least one of the days. Most likely Saturday. 
2) I will plan better so that I can actually sit down at one of the panels
3) I will be buying the 3 day pass again, possibly the VIP
4) Clear sleeves and a binder for art. Also a poster roll for bigger pieces. 
5) Mark favorite booths on Map to make sure I hit them first! 

I would also recommend buying anything that you REALLY want on Friday. Things tend to get crazy on Saturday and you might find the item your really wanted totally sold out. Now that being said, if there is just something you would like but aren't really into the price and it isn't a "must have" item, then try and wait it out. Sunday and late Saturday are usually the best time for deals as they are trying to get stuff out the door. 

So there is the recap for this year! I also plan on going to another con later this year and hopefully will be adding more and more con trips in the future! Hope you all enjoyed and be sure to check out any of your own local cons! It is SO MUCH FUN !!! 


  1. This isn't anything that I'm into, but I still enjoy reading about other people's interests and passions. Some of the costumes are fantastic!

  2. I love the pics. The costumes are great - love your brother's.


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